Services We Provide

  • Private Wastewater System Evaluation and Planning.

  • County and State Private Wastewater System Code Compliance Assistance.

  • Domestic Well Evaluation.

  • Domestic Water Well Screening and Analysis.

  • Interpretation of Water Quality Analysis.

  • Real Estate Inspections of Septic Systems and Domestic Well.

  • Local Environmental Regulation Information for Plugging of Abandoned Wells.

The Southwest Kansas Local Environmental Planning Group (SWKLEPG) assists landowners
with the design, sizing and placement of wastewater (septic) systems.  The SWKLEPG works
with the landowner and contractor to ensure new and upgraded systems are adequate for the
size of the home and soil type and the amount of projected water use.
The Southwest Kansas Local Environmental Planning Group (SWKLEPG) assist landowners,
renters and potential buyers with water sampling.  Testing a domestic water well once a year is
recommended by Kansas State University and SWKLEPG.  If you notice a change in the water
such as smell, taste or color it is suggested the well be tested to insure the safety of those
drinking it, no matter how recent the last water test was.
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